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Dentist Products
Your selection: Dentist Products Prophylaxis Pastes, Brushes, Cups Mira-Clin P®
Mira-Clin-P-2x200-P-02.jpg MiraClin-P-Use-01.jpg
Mira-Clin P®
MiraClin P
Approved prophylaxis paste with medium granulation
  • For professional tooth cleaning in the dental surgery
  • Low abrasion with optimal cleaning effect
  • Pleasant fruit taste
  • Fluoride-free without menthol

Article Form of Delivery REF
Mira-Clin P Box with 250 g 605656
Mira-Clin P Box with 200 cups, 2 g each
and stainless steel finger ring
Finger ring separetely
(s. also Dapp-A-Way)