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Dentist Products
Dentosmin® P
Dentosmin P
For optimal periodontitis therapy
Dentosmin P contains 1 % chlorhexidine bis (D-gluconate) and is especially
suitable for:
  • supporting temporal treatment of bacteria caused gingival inflamation(Gingivitis)
  • supporting healing after surgical parodontal treatments
  • patients with restricted oral hygiene e.g. after maxillofacial treatment

Medicinal product.

1 g paste contains 10 mg chlorhexidinebis (D-gluconate) as active pharmaceutical ingredient. Further ingredients are: calciumpyrophosphate (cleaning bodies), hyetellose, saccharine, glycercole 85 %, silicon dioxide (for dental use), perfume oil, colorant E 131 (patent blue V), methyl-4-hydroxybenzoate (ph.Eur.), purified water.

Article Form of Delivery REF
Dentosmin P Contents tube: 15 g 155021